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Automatic Feed Screwdriver Systems

Willis Self-feeding Screwdriver Systems are currently being used to drive screws of all sizes and lengths. Systems can also be built to drive inserts, bolts, and screws with floating washers.
The Willis Screwdriver System is designed to use standard Phillips or square drive bits with no modification.
The systems are designed with timers for automatic shut off of the bowl vibration and screw feed, which allows total control of the screws by the operator and prevents jamming.
Willis systems are all based on proven and tested concepts that can be adapted to automate almost any assembly application. Willis designs complete assembly systems to fit space and other requirements of your applications. Working from one of our basic systems, we can custom design and engineer units for your specific applications.

Key Benefits

  • Can drive screws on an angle
  • Light weight
  • Effortless to use
  • High-grade industrial steel land precision parts
  • Standard bits
  • Only 1/32” needed as minimum clearance
  • Hose length up to 20 feet